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Eine Frage zu #Peertube
Wie kann ich einem Kanal eines Peertube Nutzers folgen? Ich finde leider nichts passendes weiß aber das das geht
I was able to find and follow my account using the search on MastoWeb. Fedilab wasn't able to find my peertube account -- even when I sent myself a DM mentioning my peertube account, that mention somehow got changed to my Mastodon account o.O ... and after finally being able to follow, Fedilab shows my peertube account as "pending" (while peertube shows a follow notification and MastoWeb shows a completed follow).
/cc @tom79 #fedilab
Fedilab Mastodon (AP)
If you make the same search with the same account, both results should be the same.
The pending is due to the API reply that sends pending by default for remote accounts.

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