There is absolutely no reason for the Fediverse to have content warnings. When I see a post or picture that is hidden by a CW, it only serves as a psychological trick that gets me to click on it to see what's behind the CW. In short, I'm more likely to interact with a post if it has a CW, maybe it's just me and I'm weird. #fediverse #mastodon
DoudouOSM Mastodon (AP)
I have the opposite reaction to CW. The author wanted to hide from me ? I won’t look into it. Or he wanted to entice me to click it ? I won’t click. :-) But if you want to forget about CW, there is a nice option in #Fedilab to always expand CW.
Fedilab Mastodon (AP)
In a conversation, it's boring to click on every cw button to see replies. That's why I also added a way to expand them all in one click for conversations.

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