Fedilab Mastodon (AP)
The app will not allow to connect a Gab account.

But the app will NOT block toots coming from Gab. It's up to you to make this choice by using the block instance feature inside the app or to ask your admins to do so.

PS: I fixed a misspelling from my previous message, sorry.

iMartyn Mastodon (AP)
Could the blocked donations window have an add button. I don't really want to search for a gab account just to block them.
This is a very sensible decision, good job 😁
iMartyn Mastodon (AP)
Could the blocked domains screen have an add button. I don't really want to search for a gab account just to block them.
Fedilab Mastodon (AP)
If you block the whole domain you don't need to search accounts.
iMartyn Mastodon (AP)
Yes but how in the app can I do that, if I go to "blocked domains "there's nothing and no add button
Fedilab Mastodon (AP)
Click on the three horizontal dots of a toot and then block instance.
iMartyn Mastodon (AP)
So yeah, I have to go find a toot from that instance first. That's what I don't want to have to do.
Fedilab Mastodon (AP)
Ok. I thought about accounts. I can add that feature for adding domains.
SoNak Mastodon (AP)
Feature request
I would really like to have an option to see the toot, i am answering to.
You find this feature already in Tusky.
Fedilab Mastodon (AP)
Click on the eye when composing :)
SoNak Mastodon (AP)
Fedilab Mastodon (AP)
No, you're welcome. Some features are written here:
But if you have questions, just ping me ;)
app will not allow connect to gab account

That is neither free nor open and sets a terrible precedent. I loved and supported fedilab,
until now
Fedilab Mastodon (AP)
Of course, every ones can do what they want with the source code.
Thannks! Hopefully #Tusky and other apps will follow your example. cc @Tusky @ConnyDuck
rugk Mastodon (AP)
BTW, did you also consider this?
I don't understand. I use your app and donate. I do not want apps to block anyone for any reason.
1. Is there a Gab instance already?
2. Are you saying you won't let them use Fedilab?
3. Will I not be able to follow them from Fedilab either?
Fedilab Mastodon (AP)
Quick reply :
1. No afaik
2. Yes
3. No, you will be able to follow/see them. It's a moderation issue not related to an app.

My idea is to apply the same process whatever the social network. If there is a move to Mastodon because they have been banned from other stores, I won't allow them to use the app with all risk that can bring.
Thanks for all the work you put into Fedilab!
sullybiker Mastodon (AP)
This is absolutely the way to go.
I fully support this 👏