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Is it possible on github to post an issue potentially affecting two seperate projects at once? Because I would like to post this issue ( ) potentially affecting the two projects (cc @nerdicasupport ) and #Fedilab (cc @fedilab ) simulataneously.
The app will not allow to connect a Gab account.

But the app will NOT block toots coming from Gab. It's up to you to make this choice by using the block instance feature inside the app or to ask your admins to do so.

PS: I fixed a misspelling from my previous message, sorry.

I am glad, that you doing major updates of the free version on google play! Thank you! 👍 #fedilab
I published the release 2.3.1 for all that blocks Gab.

To Google Play users on the free version, you will receive a huge update (from 1.81.3 to 2.3.1).

I didn't have enough place to write this change log. You can have more details here:

[ES]#error: #Fedilab en su version 2.30 sigue sin funcionar con #tor y la direccion #onion de iejidevtqqdlukju.onion
He intentado con #orbot y #socks y tb con 8118 (y tb he intentado con la funcion #VPN, pero sin exito)

[EN]Fedilab version 2.30 doesnt work with orbot (Tor) for me. I tried first with default port 8118 and socks and second with port 9050 and later with the VPN-Function of orbot, but the same result: Error. What I do wronght?

#problem #question
Finally got around to creating the #fedilab issue for a giant annoyance that eats up over half my daily fediverse reading time:

I continue to be amazed at how many people assume 'reversed chronological' is the best sorting method for social media. I get wanting to know what's going on right now, but I want to read my timeline like a webcomic, not a firehose I dip into randomly without context. Firehoses are for twitter.
I published the release 2.3.0 with the photo editor feature. You can disable it in settings.
Also it fixes an issue with Fdroid and media.


Content warning: Fedilab

To beta testers, I published the release 2.3.0-beta-1
You can test the new photo editor inside the app.
In the next release, the app will embed a light image editor. #Fedilab
Ahhh, ich habe herausgefunden warum ich aus #fedilab in letzter Zeit so viel Bilder abgespeichert habe. Es gibt eine Funktion 'Lange drücken um Bild zu speichern' die war bei mir aktiviert.
Hat aber auch ausgelöst wenn ich meinen Daumen auf ein Bild gesetzt habe um langsam durch die Timeline zu scrollen. @tom79 Ist das ein Bug, oder so gewollt?
Je prépare un beau voyage ! En attendant, merci à @tom79 de mettre à disposition cet espace et surtout son application #android #fedilab !
I released 2.2.0

What's new:

- Playlists and history timeline for #Peertube
- Improvement with the counter when composing (URLs and emojis)
- URLs shortened in timelines
- Fix an issue with custom emojis when composing with another account.


#Fedilab ~fh~
any chance of getting a split counter as well? i.e. showing in how many toots it will be split up into, before submitting? Preferably as a counter, alternatively as a confirmation on submitting.
I've had a couple of times now that my head calculation put it at 2 toots, but as soon as I posted, I saw it was 2 long toots and a third short toot of a single sentence.

Next release will take care of the real length for URLs when composing (a maximum of 23 characters) and they will be shortened in timelines. Also, emoji were counted as two chars, it's also fixed.
I improved the split feature, that will try to get the maximum of length before splitting toots.
I've just noticed that:
* the developer of #Tusky sponsors #Fedilab on Open Collective
* #Pleroma is a sponsor of #Mastodon

and makes me happy.
Fedilab becomes NewNewPipe? 😅
#peertube #fedilab
I am having fun with #Peertube playlists. There are few fixes, so it will be in the next release. #Fedilab
Yesterday, I updated to the last version of #Fedilab and tried to configure my account of iejidevtqqdlukju.onion but I got the error message: It cant get client-identification.

Later I deleted all (stored data, app, etc) and re-installed Fedilab and I tried again one time to configure it, but I got the same error.

#question #tor #onion #error #ask #configuration #start
It's weird. As I try both #Fedilab and #Tusky, I only receive notification of mentions/replies and boosts through Tusky even though I've made sure those notifications are on #Fedilab more than once.
Did you know that you can create your own custom timelines with #Fedilab?
Just pin a search, then long press the tab icon to customize it.

- Change the name
- Add more keywords
- Exclude some keywords
- Display media only
- Allow nsfw media

I didn't add improvements to #Peertube since a while. So the next release will have a new history timeline and will support playlists.

I have to allow the app to play videos on background too. I will add the ability to upload thumbnails for playlists.

I will remove favorites that become useless with playlists. #Fedilab

Manchmal möchte ich ein Foto aus #fedilab teilen. Es wird aber automatisch immer mit dem mail-Programm getan. Wie/wo kann ich eine andere App einstellen?


Sometimes I want to share eg. a picture with fedilab. But it shares automatically with 'mail'. How can I switch to another app?
If you want to display your timelines in a list, don't forget to enable that feature in settings.

#Fedilab #Tip
To Google Play users, I didn't remove the app from the Playstore but it won't receive new updates.
Only Fdroid and the paid version will receive them.

The new version was moved here :

If you no longer want that the app keeps your previous position in the timeline, just uncheck that option in settings.

I published the release 2.1.0.

The app offers a new filtering feature for followed instances. You can easily switch from one search to another one.

I added an option to disable the bookmark feature.

It comes also with many fixes that you reported.

It has also been improved for Tor users.


#Fedilab @tom79
I'm using compact mode, and the indent in replies seems wrong. I think it should be increased so the text does not go over the vertical grey line.
In the next release, you will be able to filter statuses or videos of the followed instances with keywords (Peertube, Pleroma, Mastodon and GNU).
#fedilab has been barely working the last few days on my phone, takes ages to load toots' text, you can forget about most avatars and any pictures or will have to wait for a long time, notifications are random, it is completely unusable really. Even battery drain seems to be higher…

Anyone else having similar troubles?
Did you know that you can long press the compose button for writing a message with another account without switching?
#Fedilab #tip
@tom79 Hey !
Est-ce que #fedilab est fonctionnelle avec #pixelfed ou pas ?
J'ai essayé de connecter via deux instances différentes ( et et ça ne marche pas...
Did you know that when you compose a message, you can easily pickup accounts in your following list for mentioning them? #tip #Fedilab
@tom79 why does FDroid and GPlay store have different version numbers for #fedilab ?

Are they the same app release or is the FDroid one lagging behind on updates?
#fedilab from @tom79 still 1.81.3 on F-Droid... while 2.0.3. on gogle play(paid version).

P.S. Still feel sad about free version on GooglePlay 😔
Depuis la dernière mise a jour #fedilab,l'icone a disparu sauf que l'appli se trouve et lance depuis les paramètres. Alors qu'avec #tutanota je ne trouve même pas l'appli
The Android app #Fedilab allows multiple accounts on multiple Fediverse services (incl. Mastodon, Friendica, PeerTube, Pleroma and GNU Social).

It's now charging for its Google Play version while keeping the F-Droid version free of charge, to encourage people off Google Play.

The Play version has a new address:

The F-Droid version remains at its current address:

You can follow Fedilab at:


#Fediverse #Alternatives #Apps #Mastodon
@tom79 Bonjour o/
#Fedilab oublie de faire un check de présence de connexion.
- Je suis connecté : TLs chargées.
- Hop je perd le signal WiFi (sans le savoir)
- Je rédige un long pouet entre temps.
- Je clique sur pouet
- Fedilab me dit que le pouet est enregistré dans les brouillons car aucune connexion.
- Je vérifie les brouillons : pouet non sauvegardé.
- Moi : 😿👻
I have the opposite reaction to CW. The author wanted to hide from me ? I won’t look into it. Or he wanted to entice me to click it ? I won’t click. :-) But if you want to forget about CW, there is a nice option in #Fedilab to always expand CW.
Some new features are coming in the next release of #Fedilab
Is there some way to access my #fedilab bookmarks in the #mastodon 2.8.2 web UI. Or some export or other hack?
anybody know about this feature ?
I published a fix for crashes with the app, it should be available soon (Google + Fdroid). #Fedilab
Since the recent update of #Fedilab the federated timeline is back - I had removed it. I can't figure out how to do it again. Was that option removed or am I dumb?
If you are bored to manually timed mute some accounts, here is a small tip for that with #Fedilab.
It's an app feature, so it will only work if you use the app.
Tiens un appui long sur une image dans #Fedilab ça enregistre ladite image.
Hmm, while the [new]label on #Fedilab is nice, it disappearing as soon as I click on the favourite button, causes an #UX annoyance as that shifts the buttons one to the left again.
So, instead of tapping 'favourite' followed by 'boost', I ended up unfavouriting it again instead.
Maybe put the [New]label on the right side perhaps?
Est-ce que vous aussi sur #fedilab le bouton qui permettait l'accès aux autres instances mastodon, peertube... qui était en bas à gauche... n'est plus? 🤔
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