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I released 2.2.0

What's new:

- Playlists and history timeline for #Peertube
- Improvement with the counter when composing (URLs and emojis)
- URLs shortened in timelines
- Fix an issue with custom emojis when composing with another account.


#Fedilab ~fh~
Fedilab becomes NewNewPipe? 😅
#peertube #fedilab
Curious to know if there are some persons using the new app on the Playstore for #Peertube? If yes, are you beta testers?
I am having fun with #Peertube playlists. There are few fixes, so it will be in the next release. #Fedilab
I didn't add improvements to #Peertube since a while. So the next release will have a new history timeline and will support playlists.

I have to allow the app to play videos on background too. I will add the ability to upload thumbnails for playlists.

I will remove favorites that become useless with playlists. #Fedilab
I added the history timeline for #Peertube
Eine Frage zu #Peertube
Wie kann ich einem Kanal eines Peertube Nutzers folgen? Ich finde leider nichts passendes weiß aber das das geht
#Mobilizon is an upcoming free open event organising platform, which will federate through ActivityPub (so it will work on the Fediverse).

It's not ready yet, but you can find out more, including a development timetable, on the official website:

You can follow the official account at:


The source code is at:

It's being developed by free software advocates @Framasoft , who make #PeerTube and lots of other cool stuff.

A work in progress. is now displayed in a dedicated timeline.
It will allow to discover easily this network and interact with your Mastodon or Pleroma accounts.

If you want your instance inside the app, please ping me (I can only accept instances submitted by admins).

#Peertube #Fedilab
To #Peertube admins. I will suggest a video timeline in #Fedilab for allowing people to discover peertube (like the art timeline). By default, it will be, but I would like to have some suggestions (by languages, tags).
I do need instances up-to-date with moderation. If you are interested, just ping me. NSFW videos will be hidden by default and only local videos will be displayed. Thanks.
The next release of #PeerTube will support playlists - you can already have a peek at the feature in the user docs:

By the way if you have ideas for other documentation articles, I'm all ears :)
Stimmt natürlich, und für die Schwergewichte wäre Peertube tatsächlich die falsche Plattform, aber ein paar der kleineren Fische würden doch ein paar richtig gute Zugpferde für #Peertube abgeben, und die erwarten wohl auch noch nicht von den Einnahmen ihrer Kanäle leben zu können. @thomas
Da bahnt sich auf #YouTube eine interessante Entwicklung an, innerhalb der letzten paar Monate wurden mehrere sehr erfolgreiche Kanäle für Millionensummen verkauft., unter anderem an Agenturen und Medienhäuser.

Wenn jetzt YouTube-Kanäle so aussehen wie Fernsehsender könnten sich Millionen enttäuschter Fans von YouTube abwenden, weil die Plattform ihren Charme verloren hat. Das wäre doch eine große Gelegenheit für #PeerTube und das #Fediverse.
bon, ben je ne trouve pas

quelles sont les interactions possible par exemple entre #peertube et #mastodon via #activitypub ?

comment peut-on (si j'ai bien compris) commenter une vidéo peertube via masto ?
#PeerTube users,

Can you suggest instances that are open for sign-ups but don't show NSFW material on their front page?

I've already got and , any others?
gibt es eine gute deutsche #peertube instanz?
This lack of time for working on Fedilab becomes to be annoying! I started to work on polls for Mastodon but, I also want to add #Pleroma admin features and the playlist for #Peertube... Well, I need time but that will be done.
I am looking for a reliable #PeerTube instance for the @fsfe. Enough space for our videos (reasonable daily or high overall limit) , HTTP import, no #nsfw content, servers and operator within the EU.

Can you help me? isn't really helpful in this regard...
Playlists support will be available in the next version of #PeerTube !
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