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Before I go off to celebrate Midsummer by being in bed sick (Swedish woes), I want to share a small update.

#Tusky will keep blocking servers which actively promote fascism. This in particular means Gab.

We will get our next release out just in time for the 4th of July.

Don't even try to debate us about Free Speech. This is our speech, exercising #ANTIFA views. And we will keep doing it :toot:

We will post a bigger update at a later time about what this all really means.
If you use the app and like it, consider throwing $1 or $5 or $12 our way.

the $12 is a yearly donation which represents $1/ month. It's not for everyone, but those who can afford it does go a long way.

So #Tusky is actually only about $60 away from a yearly estimated budget of $2000, that's pretty amazing!

Thank you everyone for supporting the work we do.
Thannks! Hopefully #Tusky and other apps will follow your example. cc @Tusky @ConnyDuck
I've just noticed that:
* the developer of #Tusky sponsors #Fedilab on Open Collective
* #Pleroma is a sponsor of #Mastodon

and makes me happy.
It's weird. As I try both #Fedilab and #Tusky, I only receive notification of mentions/replies and boosts through Tusky even though I've made sure those notifications are on #Fedilab more than once.
I switched to #Tusky recently: less features, but also less misfeatures :)
For #Tusky 8 I will finally implement animated avatars
Tried to implement the blurhash feature in #Tusky, only managed to murder performance and get a single color out of it. Did you try it already @tom79?
@mrb This image just gets linked, no preview. Source too big?

In #tusky preview is also not shown, #fedilab however *does* show it. Suggests client issue?

fyi @admin
Trying #Fedilab instead of the now-broken #tusky.

Seems to work, but not wild about the UI. Why are there all those trash icons everywhere? Clutter.
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