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@tom79 Bonjour o/
#Fedilab oublie de faire un check de présence de connexion.
- Je suis connecté : TLs chargées.
- Hop je perd le signal WiFi (sans le savoir)
- Je rédige un long pouet entre temps.
- Je clique sur pouet
- Fedilab me dit que le pouet est enregistré dans les brouillons car aucune connexion.
- Je vérifie les brouillons : pouet non sauvegardé.
- Moi : 😿👻
To Google Play users, I didn't remove the app from the Playstore but it won't receive new updates.
Only Fdroid and the paid version will receive them.

The new version was moved here :

I have the opposite reaction to CW. The author wanted to hide from me ? I won’t look into it. Or he wanted to entice me to click it ? I won’t click. :-) But if you want to forget about CW, there is a nice option in #Fedilab to always expand CW.
I have ever seen a thread with so much replies. I am too lazy for reading each one. But if it's available, I will implement it quickly. Though it's already working with #Pleroma since a while with the app.

Did you know that you can schedule a boost with #Fedilab?
That will allow you to reach people in another timezone
It's fixed with Google Play 🎉, you can now download the release 2.0.3.

What's new:

- Display timelines in a list to browse faster (must be enabled in settings )
- Full media without bottom navigation bar
- Disable blurred media (will be replaced with a button)
- Disable long press for storing media.
- Fix the layout issue on timelines with some devices


PS: This release should be available soon on Fdroid
@kasun published a new tutorial on how to install #Fedilab from sources:

This tutorial is based on @metalbiker's article

DISCLAIMER: This tutorial is more suitable for experienced users.
Some new features are coming in the next release of #Fedilab
Une petite question sur #fedilab @tom79 : quand je regarde une image en pleine écran, le bas est recouvert par la barre de navigation Android. C'est possible de dézoomer l'image pour voir le bas ?

Je suis sur lineageos 16.0
Hi #Fedilab translators 🖐️ ,

@tom79 has enabled Translation Machine 🌍 on Crowdin may this help you to translate the app to your own language, if supported :)

I've attached a screenshot 🖼️ showing an example of translating/processing the word *Settings* from english to japanese via Yandex.

If you want to review your translation or contribute ✍️, please feel free join us on : 🔗
You're welcome 🤗
I dont get this button in #fedilab. What is its purpose? No option in there works or I am just doing it wrong... #help
Is there some way to access my #fedilab bookmarks in the #mastodon 2.8.2 web UI. Or some export or other hack?
The search feature might not work with your Mastodon instance if it is outdated. The app uses the api/v2 search endpoint with the pagination.
You can check the version of your instance by clicking on three vertical dots of the left menu then click on "About the instance".
The last Mastodon release is v2. 8.2.
So contact your admins if it is outdated (you can drop them an email by clicking on the email button)

@kasun published a new wiki page about "Reorder Timelines" for #Fedilab:

Thanks 👍
anybody know about this feature ?
You might have noticed that I introduced a cache feature. Cached statuses have small refresh icons that allow to update the value in db.
If you have issues don't hesitate to submit them, I am still working on that feature. Also, you should be able to read your home timeline offline.
The delete button for notifications on #Fedilab is here. This will empty all your notification TL even on Mastodon Web.

@tom79 @Strubbl @matt
#Fedilab broke for anyone else? Haven't been able to run the app since the update.
I forgot to mention that the app introduced a new feature that allows to automatically forward tags in replies, if you are interested by this feature, just enable it in settings. (Thanks to @naga for the suggestion) #Fedilab
To #fdroid users, you noticed crashes with the last release (1.81.2). It's now fixed in 1.81.3 and this new version should be available soon. In the meantime, you can downgrade the release. Sorry for that. #Fedilab
I published a fix for crashes with the app, it should be available soon (Google + Fdroid). #Fedilab
Tiens quand j'ouvre #Fedilab, il se ferme tout seul ! V. 1.81.2 cc @tom79
Tiens, c'est bizarre, quand @r3vlibre repouette, son boost s'affiche toujours en followers only dans ma TL avec #fedilab

Déjà, je trouvais ça étrange, mais je viens de m'apercevoir qu'il n'y a personne d'autre qui fait ça.
ok, to anyone with the same problem with #fedilab, @tom79 (the best!) helped me isolate it and find a temporary solution. it seems the bug is somewhere in the "direct messages" tab.

solution: you go in offline mode (no wifi, no data), open the app, go to "reorder timelines" and hide the dm tab, which in my case is redundant since I don't use dms a lot and they show up in the mentions anyway. worked for me ✌🏼✌🏼
Please, don't do this. I'm using #Tusky, but I appreciate your project.

#FediLab has influence over the #FLOSS community. It won't be good to start applying cognitive-cultural capitalist strategies like #artificialScarcity. We want to be better than that, that's why we free our tools and protocols: to not trick or deceit users or anyone.

Rather stop Gobble Play updates at all or continue delivering on-time, stable releases there, please. Don't turn evil like them.
@tom79 I don't know if the underlying software permits, but I would lovelovelove a an option to carry hashtags forward in replies. Thanks for the great software!

just got the #fedilab update from the playstore and now it crashes when I start it. I deleted the app cache, same result @tom79
I published the version 1.81.0 in prod.

What's new:

- Cache for statuses
- Bot indicator
- Follow #GNUSocial instances
- Fix issues with the fetch more button.


Since the recent update of #Fedilab the federated timeline is back - I had removed it. I can't figure out how to do it again. Was that option removed or am I dumb?
If you are bored to manually timed mute some accounts, here is a small tip for that with #Fedilab.
It's an app feature, so it will only work if you use the app.
Tiens un appui long sur une image dans #Fedilab ça enregistre ladite image.
I released #Fedilab 1.80.4

What's new :
- Sensitive media are blurred.
- Ability to filter pinned #Peertube timelines when searching.
- Media can be automatically flag as sensitive when composing (synced with Mastodon).

Some fixes.

More :
Hmm, while the [new]label on #Fedilab is nice, it disappearing as soon as I click on the favourite button, causes an #UX annoyance as that shifts the buttons one to the left again.
So, instead of tapping 'favourite' followed by 'boost', I ended up unfavouriting it again instead.
Maybe put the [New]label on the right side perhaps?
Est-ce que vous aussi sur #fedilab le bouton qui permettait l'accès aux autres instances mastodon, peertube... qui était en bas à gauche... n'est plus? 🤔
Oh mais wow... Il faut vraiment que je lise les Changelog des #Fedilab, y'a toujours des trucs super intéressants.
I was able to find and follow my account using the search on MastoWeb. Fedilab wasn't able to find my peertube account -- even when I sent myself a DM mentioning my peertube account, that mention somehow got changed to my Mastodon account o.O ... and after finally being able to follow, Fedilab shows my peertube account as "pending" (while peertube shows a follow notification and MastoWeb shows a completed follow).
/cc @tom79 #fedilab
The first commit of #Fedilab is 2 years old 🎉
I attached some old screenshots :)
@Gargron i accidentally removed some lists from #fedilab and now i can't remove the columns 😕 what can i do?
Wondering, in #fedilab there is a 'whom to follow' option, how is that generated?
great job, @tom79! #fedilab is amazing:)
btw, how can tabs be removed? i didn't find the option
My main challenge with #mastodon is discoverability. Fortunately #fedilab allows you to add local timelines of other instances as tabs. Really handy.
Any way to sort the timeline "backwards" on #Fedilab?

I mean, the older posts on top, and the new ones at the bottom. Like a chat.

Because, some long posts that get cut (1/2, 2/2) are easier to read from top to bottom.

Also, some replies to another toots or people threating their instances like a group chat are easier to read that way too.

Just asking, btw, is not a big deal.

@mastalab @tom79
I published a new version of the app (1.80.3)

What's new:

- Long press on the fetch more button will retrieve all missing statuses.
- Long press on media in timelines will automatically download them in full resolution (also works for videos)
- You can add a Peertube video in your favorites for Pleroma and Mastodon accounts.

I also fixed bugs that you reported.

Hey @tom79 - quick question: How does one add a #pixelfed account to #fedilab? The instance has to be e.g., or else I get an 404 error. But with /login I just get an "Invalid host:" error.
For information, @kasun officially joined the #Fedilab project as a developer.
He already contributed a lot to the project by adding features or by finding step by step for catching bugs.
He also helps in bug reports on gitlab and he contributes to

Thank you 👍
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