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Hmpf... updating #Friendica to 2019.06-rc doesn't seem to work well...
Trying to recover from that try and revert back to last release version...
@tom79 @andstatus Ok, I'm lost trying to debug why my #friendica installation throws 501 Not Implemented. Can someone give me a pointer which API entry points #fedilab uses here? Connecting seems to work here.
@Fedilab Do you have a special procedure, forum, means, ... of tracking #fedilab "issues" while being used with a #friendica instance? I see some things do work in a pretty different way over here.
#followerpower is there a way to migrate accounts between #mastodon and #friendica?
Still not completely sure or convinced I'll keep this #friendica installation running. Maybe I just should focus myself on using it instead of #mastodon for a while.
15 mins to go until my #Friendica node on will blackout and join in its protest against #art11 & art13
@softmetz Reminds me of my experiments with andstatus on GNUsocial earlier, actually. So far #fedilab does a modestly good job accessing #friendica instances too, but there are some glitches, apparently also because of different semantics of different "things" on both platforms.
Entre #Pleroma #Hubzilla et #Friendica lequel est le mieux adapté pour créer un petit réseau familial (donc avec des non-technophiles adeptes de FB) ?

Il me semble qu'on peut enlever les limites en nombre de caractère de Pleroma, non ?
J'ai testé Hubzilla et j'aime beaucoup mais ça me semble un brin compliqué à prendre en main (gestion des canaux).
Friendica est, me semble-t-il, ce qui se rapproche le plus de l'ergonomie FB.


Oui je sais, j'ai omis #Diaspora* 😜
After spending quite some time messing with #friendica last nite, I'm around there on my own instance too. See @kr . 🙂
@tom79 Well, I can't connect to the #friendica instance using #fedilab. Should this be possible? "Just" trying to add this as a new account didn't work, so far.
#fediverse integration of #friendica surely *does* seem to move on. Now if I only manage to find a meaningful mobile client for that... @Tusky ? @tom79 ? 🙂
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