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#pixelfed crowd: How can I follow a remote pixelfed user on another instance that doesn't show up in my timeline?
I wonder if there is any progress or status update regarding the #Pixelfed API. Clients but also the possibility to auto-post with a script would be awesome. Who knows the current state?
I started working on a :pixelfed: mobile app.

The code name is Lens and I look forward to releasing the beta this summer! #pixelfed #lens
@tom79 Hey !
Est-ce que #fedilab est fonctionnelle avec #pixelfed ou pas ?
J'ai essayé de connecter via deux instances différentes ( et et ça ne marche pas...
Hey les gens, j'ai discrètement ajouté un code de suivi (tracker) dans mon instance PF pour m'amuser à voir ce qu'il s'y passe. C'est du Matomo/Piwil, hébergé chez moi et anonymisé + DNT. Ça me donne moins d'info que les logs auxquels j'ai déjà accès, m'enfin, si ça vous embête, je le dégage !

#diaspodon #Pixelfed #Matomo
Hey @tom79 - quick question: How does one add a #pixelfed account to #fedilab? The instance has to be e.g., or else I get an 404 error. But with /login I just get an "Invalid host:" error.
I think #pixelfed's API hasn't quite been released yet and #fedilab doesn't know how to login. I believe both are in progress of being made. Maybe pixelfed's beta later this month?
How can I add my pixelfed account to fedilab? I try to add it via "new account" but it didn't worked :/. #pixelfed #fedilab #help #noob
But there’s still no mobile app to use #pixelfed with, or am I mistaken?

A friend wanted to switch from IG to pixelfed a few months ago but had to halt that move because she couldn’t use it with her phone (where she’s taking all her pics).
PixelFed is a free open federated alternative to Instagram.

There are lots of different instances you can sign up at, for example:

It is part of the ActivityPub-powered Fediverse, so you can follow PixelFed accounts from Mastodon etc. For example: @earth

You can follow the project's latest news at @pixelfed

#PixelFed #Instagram #DeleteInstagram #Alternatives #Fediverse
v0.9.0 has been released! 🎉 :pixelfed: #pixelfed
v0.9 brings full federation, remote follows, network timeline, APIs for 3rd party clients like Fedilab and much more!

It will be shipping after a few more commits! #pixelfed
Does this mean we can now post to #pixelfed via #Fedilab?
I use my #pixelfed instance for working with connection. That's a work in progress. I am getting the authorization code.
I fixed issues with my Pixelfed instance at

You can now use it properly.

#Fedilab #pixelfed
[PSA]If you run an instance, please update ASAP.

We're shipping some exciting new features that depend on the latest code!

We are an ethical alternative to Instagram.

The project is still young, but we are getting close to a polished v1.0 release with federation support!

We can't wait to join the fediverse. ❤️ #pixelfed
@crossgolf_rebel Danke - werd ich mir mal anschauen. 🙂 #pixelfed ist ja leider noch etwas leerer, als ich mir das manchmal wünsche...
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