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I've just noticed that:
* the developer of #Tusky sponsors #Fedilab on Open Collective
* #Pleroma is a sponsor of #Mastodon

and makes me happy.
I published a beta release (1.79.0-beta-1):

What's new:

# Changed

- More filters for UTM parameters
- Live notifications for #Pleroma are back
- Honour white spaces in messages (emoji art)

# Fixed

- Issues with some Mastodon API due to their special version name
- Auto-save feature: drafts not deleted after being sent
- Issue when uploading media due to the file name
- Issue with the pinch-zoom
- Issue for saving media


Available for beta-testers or here:
This lack of time for working on Fedilab becomes to be annoying! I started to work on polls for Mastodon but, I also want to add #Pleroma admin features and the playlist for #Peertube... Well, I need time but that will be done.
Entre #Pleroma #Hubzilla et #Friendica lequel est le mieux adapté pour créer un petit réseau familial (donc avec des non-technophiles adeptes de FB) ?

Il me semble qu'on peut enlever les limites en nombre de caractère de Pleroma, non ?
J'ai testé Hubzilla et j'aime beaucoup mais ça me semble un brin compliqué à prendre en main (gestion des canaux).
Friendica est, me semble-t-il, ce qui se rapproche le plus de l'ergonomie FB.


Oui je sais, j'ai omis #Diaspora* 😜
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